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Brands should be loved and remembered for years to come. This is why we thrive to ensure that we create outstanding memorable brands for all our clients.

Building your new brand is a lot more than just designing a nice logo. It's about creating the right appearance to enable you to develop lasting relationships with your target audience.


Imagine for a moment that your business is a car…what size would it be? What would your non-negotiables be? What colour would you choose? What extras would you add? These may seem strange questions but here at TCillustrated we believe this analogy leads us to gain a better understanding of how you and your customers should perceive your business. If you would like to discuss your branding, both old and new or learn more about our other services please do get in touch. You can do this in numerous ways: using the contact form, giving us a call directly or using our personal email address.

Creating the right brand for your business.

At TCillustrated we create brands for businesses nationwide. Our portfolio includes work from a wide range of sectors and each brand has their own unique values and audience. No two identities are ever the same, each project starts with getting in touch whether that is via email, phone call or if you prefer to meet in person then the coffee is on us.


During our initial conversations, we'll look at getting to grips with how your business operates, and take a look at where your brand is currently and where you want it to be in the future. We believe that every business depends on supply and demand and that’s why when working on your branding, we help you take the customers point of view approach in order to help you gain your target audiences’ interest. Once we have all the information we need, we'll produce a profile of your business to help create your new brand identity

I've got my logo. So what happens next?

Once completed, we'll send you over your logos in a logo essentials kit which will provide you with all the filetypes and variations that you'll require for print, web and social media going forwards. We'll also let you know what typefaces and colours used in your new logo as well as any supporting colours agreed during the design process.


Your newly created logo is just the first step in developing a unique and memorable brand and we strongly believe it’s how you use your new logo that counts. To go even further with developing your brand we feel it’s important for your web presence and printed material to match your new branding. We are a true believer in that consistency is key. If you are looking to let people know how to incorporate your brand correctly, we can produce you a brand guideline. Which will go into more detail about your brand outlining all the do’s and don’ts? Which will be another key tool for maintaining your brand consistency throughout your business. If you would like to discuss your new brand or learn more about our other services please do get in touch.

design & print

At TCillustrated we do more than just designing, we do your printing too!

At TCillustrated we love to get creative. We believe that printed products are nothing without a unique design that standouts. We produce a wide range of quality printed products for our clients, so whether you are looking for new business cards, flyer or poster or any other of our other amazing products we will make sure that the design is outstanding. Once you are happy with it, which we know you will, your order will be sent to production.


Let’s talk creative

We believe that creativity is not just a job, it’s a way of life, at TCillustrated we put creativity at the forefront of our business ensuring that everything we do is to an extremely high standard to stay true to us being your home for creative results. We specialise in commercial and corporate design for our clients ranging from bars & restaurant to well-established business. This sees use creating a wide range of products such as flyers, posters, social media designs and much more. We also do bespoke designs for a wide range of other sectors including beauty, health & fitness and weddings. We like to help all those who need a new creative approach added to their business. So if you would like to discuss how we can help you and bring your ideas to life your or learn more about our other services please do get in touch.

web design

A great website design is an essential part of your brand.

It's an opportunity for your customers to experience and interact with your personality and products.

We live in a digital world. Over the years there has been a tremendous rise in technology with smartphones, tablets and more being at the centre of our lives. This has created the new age of web design. Responsive web designs are the future and the future is now. We believe that contemporary websites should have a unique design for all platforms, whether you have the latest smartphone, tablet or desktop.


You may be thinking why do I need a website? The truth is that a well-created website is an essential part of any brand in this day and age. We truly believe that every business needs to have an online presence to give your customers an opportunity to interact with your personality and also any products and services you provide.


Responsive web design is one of our main fundamentals in the way we create all our websites. This means that we create our websites to have a unique design layout for any screen size and platform you are using. Instead of building your site for specific devices or adding strict breakpoints, we like to let the design determine where a new layout may be needed. The reason we do this is that with technology being fast paced with new phones tablets and screens different sizes coming out each year it would make it difficult to target specific sizes. So by letting the design speak for itself, it allows your website to be timeless. If this all sounds good to you then we'd love to hear all about your next big project! Get in touch to find out how we can help.

We'd love to hear all about your next big project!

Get in touch to find out how we can help.


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